Amazon Product Listing

If you are selling or planning to launch on amazon for selling purpose then eDatawork can help you to manage upload, update and manage Amazon products successfully. We are having an expertise in upload new items as well as update existing items. Outsourcing eDatawork for Amazon product listing will make you free and relax and you can concentrate on other aspects of your business empire.
We use all the product listing elements such as sku, upc, condition notes, manufacturer, brand, variation, description, features, search keywords, weight etc. Parent and child variation is used to create all variations in terms of size,colour, etc. We will look into the Amazon inventory management services making you free of it.

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Inventory Management Service

Template Specific Entry

Catalog Management Services

Amazon Product Listing Services/ Product Upload Services

Amazon Bulk
Upload Services

Optimization Of Products On Amazon

Amazon keyword strategy

  • Create keyword strategy for product
  • Add product to most relevant categories

SEO for Amazon Product Description

  • Unique product description optimized for keywords
  • Strong sales copy causing users to buy
  • Product description hits user’s main pain points
  • Review bad reviews of other products
  • Add bullet points that address main concerns of customers
  • Address how client’s product deals with this
  • Target features of product

Price Optimization

  • Review competitors prices
  • Determine best price to set

Headline Optimization

  • Product headline optimization
  • Subheadings targeting additional keywords
  • Image Optimization
  • Add high quality photos to each listing
  • Add short video that describes product

Ad Spend

  • Amazon sponsored products
  • Facebook promoted posts
  • Pinterest promoted pins
  • Google AdWords

Amazon Paid Promotion

  • Link building to products
  • Press release on product
  • Vendor power coupons
  • Daily deals
  • Email review generation campaign

Competitor Research

  • Understand competitors’ strategy with similar listings
  • Discover product gaps and opportunities
  • Review competitors’ prices
  • Identify best price for products
  • Estimate Total Revenue

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